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The information contained in this website is presented for informational purposes only, may not be relied upon as legal or other advice by any person in any matter or transaction and is not privileged.  Our website and the information contained therein is not and does not be construed as an offer to represent you and viewing this website does not create an attorney-client relationship with you and the attorneys of Teeple Hall, LLP.  We undertake representation on legal matters following appropriating on-boarding procedures including conflict checks and confirm our attorney-client relationships in a written agreement setting forth the specific nature and scope of work and which is signed by all parties. No attorney-client relationship shall exist or be assumed absent a formal written agreement. Teeple Hall, LLP cannot and will not guarantee any specific result in any matter on which we are formally retained to advise. 

In addition, the content contained in our website is designed to provide general information on the nature of our services the nature of our experience and, as relevant, case studies or scholarly articles. The content contained in our website does not address nor is intended to address potential federal, state, local, foreign or other tax consequences to any matter other than as specifically referenced, and as such it does not serve nor shall it be construed to serve as legal advice related to any matter. Nothing contained in our website shall be construed to express a legal opinion on any matter. No assurance can be given that future legislative or administrative changes, on either a prospective or retroactive basis, would not adversely affect the accuracy of the information contained in our website. 

To learn more about Teeple Hall, LLP, please review the information on the website or contact our office. 

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