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Income Tax

Practice Area

Practice Areas

Within our Income Tax Planning Practice Area, Teeple Hall, LLP serves a broad client demographic comprised of U.S. and non-U.S. individuals, trusts, estates and entities on all aspects of U.S. Income Taxation.  Our services involve a wide range of issues including: (i) advising on complex income taxation planning and reporting matters, (ii) planning and implementing income tax optimization strategies, (iii) advising on multi-state income taxation matters including income sourcing and apportionment issues, (iv) planning to minimize state income taxation for individuals, entities, trusts and estates, (v) treaty analysis and tax planning for international tax issues and (vi) advising non-U.S. individuals, trusts, estates and entities on U.S. income tax implications of their U.S. based investments and activities.
The Tax Group’s expertise and services encompass a wide range of complex and often novel issues affecting U.S. income tax issues and reporting requirements.

Experience & Expertise

Teeple Hall, LLP has significant experience and expertise in Income Tax matters including:

  • U.S. and State Income Tax Planning

    • Individual Taxation

    • Corporate Taxation

    • Partnerships and Pass-Through Taxation

    • Trusts, Estate and Beneficiaries

    • U.S. Federal Excise Tax

  • Tax planning for U.S. operations and activities of foreign individuals and companies

  • Planning for U.S. inbound investment

  • Planning for U.S. inbound wealth transfers

  • U.S. income tax planning and foreign reporting for U.S. individuals, companies and trusts with foreign assets, entities and trusts

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