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Private Client Tax

Practice Area

Practice Areas

The Tax Group supports the Firm’s Private Client Group in advising on a wide range of tax issues across a diverse client demographic including U.S. and international individuals, families, trusts and their advisors. Our services encompass a wide range of issues including (i) developing strategies to address and minimize income, estate and gift tax implications, (ii) preparing estate tax and gift tax returns, (iii) analyzing and advising on tax treaties and their benefits and limitations, (iv) planning for transfer of wealth between generations and across borders, (v) planning for pre- immigration cases, (vi) planning for expatriation scenarios, and (vii) designing and implementing strategies for the administration of domestic and foreign entities, trusts and foundations.  

The objectives, planning needs and circumstances of each client within this Practice Area are unique, sensitive, and often involve transactions of substantial value, requiring an expert understanding of applicable U.S. Federal and California laws, as well as an ability to work closely with our tax and accounting counterparties in the countries and jurisdictions involved.

Our roles as attorneys are to identify and define the client’s requirements and situation, efficiently collect and assess the underlying tax, accounting, and financial data involving the issue at hand, work closely and efficiently with advisors in multiple jurisdictions, develop strategies to minimize taxes through appropriate planning, and resolve tax controversies in an effective manner.

Experience & Expertise

Teeple Hall, LLP has significant experience and expertise in planning and executing strategies involving:

  • Income Tax Planning for Trusts, Estate and Beneficiaries

  • Estate Tax Planning for HNW and UHNW Individuals and Families

  • U.S. Reporting and Compliance for foreign financial assets, trusts and entities

  • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure

  • Tax Planning for US inbound investment

  • Tax Planning for US inbound wealth transfers

  • Pre-immigration income and estate tax planning

  • Expatriation Planning including

    • Renouncement and relinquishment of U.S. citizenship

    • Relinquishment of U.S. permanent resident status and planning to minimize/avoid US exit taxes for voluntary or involuntary relinquishment of a green card

  • FATCA and CRS reporting consulting

Learn about our Tax Group in greater detail. 

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