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Domestic Estate Planning

Practice Area

Practice Areas

The Domestic Estate Planning Practice focuses on U.S. based clients with California and U.S.-centric planning requirements. This Practice Area provides an array of services ranging from general estate planning to complex income, estate and gift tax issues, asset protection planning, as well as investment vehicle structuring. The objectives, planning needs, and circumstances of each client are unique and require diligence and careful attention to detail as we distill our client’s planning objectives and concerns into well-drafted estate plans which can be effectively administered in furtherance of client’s goals.

Our roles as attorneys are to identify and define our clients’ individual requirements and craft and execute customized plans that address unique business needs, values, and family situations with applied advice and creative strategies using available tools and proven techniques.

General Estate Planning

For individuals and families for whom estate taxation is of lesser relevance, important planning considerations are to be addressed including, but not limited to, (i) planning to avoid probate, (ii) planning for the transfer of wealth to a desired recipient, (iii) planning for the care and maintenance of minor children, (iv) designating agents to act when there is an event or disability resulting in the incapacity of a client, and (v) ensuring that important charitable and philanthropic bequests are coordinated and properly funded.

Advanced Estate Planning

For individuals and families with larger and more complex cases, the basic foundational issues in estate planning are simply one part of a much larger process which generally involve significant analysis of detailed financial data and the delivery of comprehensive tax and strategic advice.  

With our extensive knowledge and experience working with high-net-worth individuals and families we deploy a range of strategies and provide a range of services to address the vast demands and requirements of these discerning clients including (i) advice on strategies to mitigate estate tax concerns, (ii) advice on strategies to address income tax concerns on a state and/or country level, (iii) advice and counsel on succession planning for privately held businesses and concentrated asset positions (real estate, art, etc.), (iv) implementation and administration of trust and ownership structures, (v) implementation and administration of family governance structures, (vi) advice on gift strategies for substantial philanthropic purposes, (vii) planning for the ownership and tax management of high-value assets (private aircraft, vessels, art collections, etc.), and (viii) participation  on global advisory teams overseeing the administration and management of expansive fortunes.

Experience & Expertise

Teeple Hall, LLP has significant experience and expertise in planning and executing strategies involving:

  • Revocable living trusts and ancillary estate planning documents (Wills, Powers of Attorney)

  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILIT’s)

  • Dynasty Trusts

    • Grantor/Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust Planning

    • Non-Grantor Trust Planning

  • Planning for Efficient State Income Taxation of Trusts

  • Asset Protection Trusts

  • Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts (SLAT’s)

  • Private Foundations

  • Private Trust Companies (PTC’s)

  • Trust Protector Structures

  • Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRAT’s)

  • Charitable Trust planning​

  • Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (QPRT’s)

  • Family Limited Partnership and Family Limited Liability Companies  (FLP’s/FLLC’s)

  • Domestic and Foreign Holding Companies

  • Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI)

  • Trustee, Advisory Committee and Protector Committee Services

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