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Trust Administration and Probate

Practice Area

Practice Areas

The Trust Administration & Probate Practice addresses a separate and distinct phase of the life cycle of an estate plan. Whether it is the straightforward representation of a fiduciary or the administration of complex trusts, our work focuses on the administration of the governing document to ensure compliance with provisions of the document, applicable governing laws, and the drafter’s objectives.
Our services in this practice vary greatly and include: (i) general probate proceedings, (ii) preparation of trust accountings and strategy, (iii) trust decanting and merger planning, (iv) advice on the modification and reformation of trusts (judicial and non-judicial actions) (v) income tax planning regarding state fiduciary taxation and minimization of state fiduciary taxation, (vi) administration of trusts, and (vii) participation in family governance structures involving complex trusts.
The circumstances of each client within this Practice Area are unique and the circumstances involving beneficiaries and heirs are often sensitive and complex.  Trust administration and probate matters involve not only a command of the knowledge of applicable laws and available planning strategies, but the ability to work closely with beneficiaries, fiduciaries and other advisors, in explaining, interpreting, and distilling complex legal issues  throughout the life cycle of a trust administration.

Our roles as attorneys are to identify and define the client’s requirements and situation, efficiently collect and assess the underlying tax, accounting and financial data, and work closely and efficiently with fiduciaries and other advisors in multiple jurisdictions, as applicable, in addressing both tax and non-tax related issues.

Experience & Expertise

Teeple Hall, LLP has significant experience and expertise in all phases of trust administration and probate including:

  • Trust Administration

  • Trust decanting, amendment, and reformation

  • Preparation of trust accountings

  • Administrative support for complex U.S. and foreign trusts

  • Jurisdiction analysis and planning for the administration of trusts

  • Probate of Wills and Trust matters involving court supervision and oversight

  • Income, estate, gift tax planning, and advice on trust administration and probate proceedings

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