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International Estate Planning

Practice Area

Practice Areas

The International Estate Planning Practice embodies a broad client demographic serving both U.S. and international clients.  Our services encompass a wide range of often complex and highly tax-sensitive cases involving U.S. inbound planning (pre-immigration, wealth transfer, U.S. inbound investment) and U.S. outbound planning (foreign trust planning, U.S. outbound investment / foreign asset holding structures, foreign reporting requirements and coordinated tax and structure planning with foreign advisors). The objectives, planning needs, and circumstances of each client within this Practice Area are highly individualized, requiring heightened sensitivity to cultural conventions both on a personal and business level and precise attention to details in a multi-jurisdictional setting.  


Our roles as attorneys are to identify and define the client’s requirements, work closely with advisors in multiple jurisdictions, and efficiently craft plans and strategies to address these requirements with applied advice and strategies using all available tools and techniques. The unique challenge of working with international clients and matters is the involvement of multiple jurisdictions, their requisite legal regimes and the application of Tax Treaties and the benefits and limitations thereof.   

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Experience & Expertise

Teeple Hall, LLP has significant experience and expertise in planning and executing strategies involving:

  • Foreign Trust Planning: Strategy, Implementation, Administration and Compliance

    • Foreign Grant Trusts (FGT’s)

    • Foreign Non-Grantor Trust (FNGT’s)

  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILIT’s)

  • Dynasty Trusts

    • Grantor Trust Planning

    • Non-Grantor Trust Planning

  • Pre-Immigration Trust Planning

  • Planning for Efficient State Income Taxation of Trusts

  • Charitable Trust Planning

  • Charitable Foundation Planning

  • Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (DAPT’s) – Inbound Planning and Outbound Planning

  • Foreign (Non-Charitable) Foundation Planning – Design, Implementation, Administration and Compliance

  • Private Trust Companies (PTC’s)

  • Trust Protector Structures

  • Domestic and Foreign Holding Companies

  • Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI)

  • Trustee, Advisory Committee and Protector Committee  Services – Strategy, Implementation, Administration and Compliance advisory services for high value trusts and foundations

  • U.S. Foreign Asset Compliance and Reporting

  • CRS and FATCA advisory services

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